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Welcome to Rastriya Gramin Vikash Mission

Rastriya Gramin Vikash mission (RGVM), a government recognised Charitable organization starts to help poor and disabled people, who are financially not able to help themselves.

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Health is a fundamental human right. Health for all is a moral, ethical and social imperative; it is also central to economic growth and sustainable development. To carry out health awareness programme for the different type of disease, First Aid training programme, Para Medical Training, ANM training center, Mother Child health development programmes. To promote, organize, help, assist, undertake, research and consultancy in Health. Blood donation camp, Eye Operation Camps, etc. To organizes and establishes Public charitable Hospital for poor and needy people in most remote area.

Rastriya Gram Vikash Mission (RGVM), a government recognised Charitable organization starts to help poor and disabled people, who are financially not able to help themselves.


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Raising awareness of and encouraging research on health trends and issues, and promoting and supporting relevant action in response.


Promoting a holistic and integrated approach to public health policy and provision of care, recognizing
the economic, social and spiritual dimensions of health;


Advocating for health to be given higher priority and greater resources nationally and internationally;

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